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Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask For Horses

The Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask For Horses is made specifically to protect your horse from bothersome insects while you are riding.  The Quiet Ride is made with a soft translucent netting that does not restrict your horse’s vision. This is especially important while you are riding as a horse who cannot see clearly is easily spooked. The Quiet Ride hood is made to use with a bridle, it can be fitted either over or under your bridle. The Quiet Ride will not restrict movement, hang up on the bridle or bind and rub your horse’s head and ears like a standard fly mask is prone to do. Protect your horse and stay safe with this riding fly mask.

NOTE: The Quietride is not a mask for stable or pasture wear. The netting is not as sturdy as the reinforced netting on standard masks.

Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask For Horses Features:

  • The Cashel Quietride Fly Mask For Horses features the Cashel patented three-hole cap which eliminates forelock damage
  • Soft coated nylon micro mesh blocks 70% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and protects the sensitive, soft tissues of the eyes and forehead.
  • Protects your horse from biting insects while you ride helping to eliminate head tossing
  • Easily attaches over the bridle or can be worn under the bridle
  • Lightweight, comfortable and nonrestrictive

What Size Cashel Quietride Fly Mask Should I Buy?

To get the correct size for your horse, measure around the face just below the jaws.

Foal / Mini: 18 inches
Weanling and Small Pony: 22 inches
Yearling and Large Pony: 24 inches
Arabian and Cob: 26 inches
Horse: 27 inches
Warmblood: 28 inches
Draft: 34 inches