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Farnam Supermask II Fly Mask Recommended For Turnouts

The Farnam Supermask II Fly Mask for Horses is one of the most durable masks on the market. This is a mask to consider if  you need a mask for a horse whose intent is to shred any mask, or you need a mask that is difficult for pasture mates to pull off. The mask features a double latch Velcro closure under the jaw that is difficult for other horse to remove.

The SuperMask is constructed of small tightly weaved mesh that is tear and wear resistant.  The mesh is easily seen through and does not block your horse’s ability to see. The mesh protects your horse’s eyes from insects, dust, and UV rays.

The mask is also comfortable for you horse to wear. Horses that are fussy with other masks will often wear the Farnam Supermask with no problems.


Farnam Supermask II Fly Mask for Horse Features:

  • The double-latch closure is located under the jaw, not on the cheekbone, making it harder for other horses to reach
  • Keeps flies, dust, dirt and debris away from your horse’s eyes and face and also protects from harmful UV rays and aids in healing after eye injuries
  • The see-through mesh with plush, flyproof trim keeps flies out, providing maximum comfort without rubbing or harsh abrasion

What Size SuperMask II Fly Mask Should I Buy?

  • Foal – this size fits colts up to approximately 5 – 6 months.  It also fits most ponies.
  • Mini – made specifically to fit the miniature head. Works for small headed ponies too.
  • Yearling – Fits older weanlings and young yearlings. Some yearlings may need to move to horse or Arabian size during the fall.
  • Arabian – fits horses with a small head. Also a good choice for most weanlings and small yearlings
  • Horse – fits most average sized horses. If your horse has an extremely wide forehead or jaw you may need to move up to a large.
  • Horse X-large – when you see X-large do not think Clydesdale! The Horse X-Large is for horses who have larger heads!